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Development, is one of the most important concepts that we undertake in our program. We will take the word "development" and turn it into something special, where not only will we teach you fundamental basketball skills for your basketball development, but we will go one step further. We will teach you LIFE LESSONS that will build upon the foundation of your character and further develop you to succeed in your life.


The mission of the Team Phoenix is to provide the area's top male athletes with a year round opportunity to develop advanced fundamental basketball skills and to grow into accomplished, self confident basketball players and responsible young adults. Our goal is to develop basketball players who are actively recruited by college coaches from Division 1, 2 and 3.


The coaches and parents strive to provide the athletes with a highly disciplined, focused, competitive, and fun-filled environment in which players learn the value of setting goals, working hard and achieving those goals. The vigorous and fair coaching style is founded on constructive criticism and praise and is most effective in instruction as well as preparation for college coaching styles.


The coaches value and respect each player and take an interest in the player's development in basketball and as a person. The coaches expect from players: top effort; top commitment to attend practice and games, and utmost respect for the coaches, referees, parents, and teammates including himself.

The parents are to encourage and respect the development of their child and his teammates as well as the coaches' efforts to coach their child. Parents and players will be expected to participate in fundraisings to defray team expenses.

Players, parents and coaches must exhibit good sportsmanship towards one another, opposing teams and the referees as per the National AAU Guidelines.


Team Phoenix Rules for players:
Birth Certificates

Require live birth certificate from the State you were born.


Players and Parents must display sportsmanship at all times.


If you can not attend practice and you are old enough to have your own Cell phone. You must call the coach, or Admin yourself. Parents forgetting to call, friends, I told my teammate will not be excepted. Parents are welcome to attend practice as long as they are not loud, or causing distractions!

Playing time:

There will be no promised playing time. Players earn this time in practice, and performance in games. Just attending practice is not enough to justify minutes. Players must be attentive, work hard each session, and have a good  Attitude in practice and games. Coaches will spend no time on playing time issues. It is our intention to develop each player and try to get them as much game time as possible.

Team fees:

Each team will have a deadline to collect all fees for the season. No uniforms will be passed out until the team has 8-10 players on the roster. At this point no player can be added until he/she has completed the fee payment in full.


Teams may be asked to participate in order to raise money for Showcase Events, National Events. This is vital to our organization.

Seasons :

Fall Season to prepare for Middle School or High School. (Sept - Oct)

Spring Season (NCAA Certified events, National Tournaments, Camps) (March - July)
* Spring season will be the traveling Season. This will consist of overnight, Weekend trips.
Sponsors: Each team must wear our sponsored shoe, carry sponsored bags, etc..
                      Refusal to do so will call for dismissal without refund!